Search buttons

The search buttons lets you search directly in most search engines. Simply type a search phrase and click on a button to search, or press Enter to search using the default button. The default button corresponds to the row which is selected in the table of search URLs.

The search box is automatically activated when you press a key, so you don't have to click it before you start typing. You can also select a button by pressing TAB and Shift+TAB.

Adding a button

  1. Go to a search engine, for example AllTheWeb.
  2. Do a search for something, for example the word hello
  3. Copy the URL of the resulting search page, which for AllTheWeb is
  4. Click the add button below the table of search URLs
  5. Make a name for the button and paste in the URL you copied.
  6. Replace hello with $1, so that the URL becomes$1

If you leave the search URL blank, the button will search for a favorite on the page itself.

Search parameters

The Favorite Start Page will fill the parameters $1, $2 etc. when searching. To specify multiple parameters, separate them with spaces. To specify a parameter containing space as the first parameter, enclose it in "quotes".

A list of search URLs

If you find any good any search URLs, send me an and I'll post them in the lists below.

Search Engines

AllTheWeb.comwords or "phrase"$1
Teoma.comwords or "phrase"$1&qcat=1&qsrc=0
Ask.comwords or "phrase"$1&o=0&qsrc=0


Yahoo! stocksticker$1
Google newswords or "phrase"$1




Telefonkatalogen.noetternavn fornavn$1&for=$2&fylke=00&geodisp=Hele+landet&x=0&y=0