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Makers of the smoothest PC software on the 286


About Midgard Productions

Midgard is the name of the land where humans live according to nordic mythology. Midgard Productions, based in Ås, Norway, was established 1994 with the purpose of creating entertainment software. The main platform is the PC. We specialize in fast graphics, making full-screen-graphics run at 70hz on a 286. Because of the technological development of the PC we have lost most of our marked. We are currently rethinking our goals.


The demos are for PC only. Download, unzip if neccessary and run the EXE-file.

Space A horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up
Ragnarok An early demo of the horizontally scrolling action game in 256 colors
TechTech A swinging logo on a scrolling background


The demos may be distributed freely but not changed. No part of the code or graphics may be extracted from the demos for any purpose without permission from Midgard Productions.


  • Gudbrand Eggen Code
  • Tobias Dahl Code
  • Lars Stuanes Graphics
  • Ole-Kristian Skrøppa Code on Ragnarok
  • Yohan Shanmugaratnam Graphics on Ragnarok
  • Sahan Shanmugaratnam Graphics on Ragnarok

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