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About importing

You can recreate all the links on this page by clicking the import button.

Importing will first remove all the links currently on the page, so please make sure all links on this page that you want to keep already exist in your Internet Explorer Favorites. If not, please click the export button first.

When importing, the order of items will be preserved if possible. The order of links within a folder will be preserved if the folder name stays the same.

About exporting

Click the export button to add every link on this page to your Internet Explorer Favorites. Links that already exist in your Internet Explorer Favorites will neither be modified or deleted.

Any structure of folders and subfolders will be preserved during importing and exporting.

About editing

You can move or delete links and rearrange boxes on this page by dragging and dropping.

Here is an example:   To delete a link, move the mouse pointer over the link and click the left mouse button. Move the mouse while holding left mouse button down. The Recycle Box will appear. Move the mouse pointer over it and let go of the mouse button. The link is now marked for deletion. The undo button will appear. You can click it to move the link back to its original position. Links in the Recycle Box will be deleted from both this page and your Internet Explorer Favorites when you click the save button.

Clicking save will first apply all changes you have made and then import your Internet Explorer Favorites in order to keep this page synchronized.

To rename items or move subfolders, you can use the Organize Favorites feature on the Favorites menu in Internet Explorer and then click the import button.


These settings will be stored when you click the import or save buttons. Settings are not in the undo-redo sequence.

Lines4Number of links and folder names shown in unexpanded boxes.
Columns4Maximum number of boxes that will be shown on a row.
Font size80%Font size modifier, either as a percentage of the standard font size or as a specific number of points (e.g. 12pt) or pixels (e.g. 16px).
Show iconsWhen boxes are expanded, icons can be shown next to some links. You must be connected to the internet or have the icons on your local hard disk. (See the Known Issues.)
Auto arrangeWhen importing or saving, boxes will be arranged in a way that minimizes vertical scrolling when they are expanded. This option will be turned off if you start to arrange the boxes manually.


Click to select a skin, and click again to view the CSS text.


Please read this privacy notice:   When you download and use one of the online skins, that information is logged by the web server and used to calculate that skin's popularity. No personal information about you is transmitted.

This program may be used, distributed and/or modified under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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