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Help and support

Getting started

The easy way to use Decookie is to install with the default settings. That will make Decookie delete all your cookies regularly. If you notice that you have to re-enter information on a website, click the Decookie button on the Internet Explorer toolbar and de-select that website.


For general questions about Decookie, please read the tutorial.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are pieces of information about you that websites can store on your computer. Internet Explorer stores cookies as small files in a folder called Cookies. Decookie 1.0 only detects Internet Explorer cookies.

In the main Decookie window is a list of all the websites that have stored cookies on your computer. When you click on the Delete button, Decookie will delete all cookies from the websites you have selected in this list.

In addition to the actual cookies, Internet Explorer also stores references to the same cookies. These references are stored in a file called "index.dat" in the Cookies folder and in a folder called Temporary Internet Files.

Decookie cleans out references to deleted cookies. References in Temporary Internet Files are deleted when you click on the Delete button, and references in "index.dat" are deleted when you reboot your computer.

What are Cookie Details?

By right-clicking on a website and selecting "View Cookie Details", you can see details about all cookies that came from this website. The fields Date Modified and Date Expires show the latest such date of any of the cookies, while Date Created shows the earliest such date of any of the cookies.

Under Data is listed all information stored in the cookies from this website, as parameters and values separated by an equals-sign. Unfortunately, this information can only be properly understood by the people who created the website.

If you see things like "ID" followed by a long string of letters or numbers, you can assume that they are tracking your actions. If you see the text "password", it may be that this cookie lets you log in automatically to the website.

Try to decide if the cookies contain any information that you actually want the website to know about you. If not, you can just delete the cookie and see if you miss anything on your next visit.

What are Website Parts?

Cookies can come from different parts of a website. By default, only the main name of the website is shown. Decookie can show the relevant website parts in parentheses after the website name. For example: " (www/news)" means that the cookies came from "".

You can show or hide the website parts by right-clicking on a cookie and selecting "Show/Hide Website Parts", or by double- clicking on the cookie.