The Favorite Start Page

To hide this help page, click the help button or on the background around the boxes, or press the Escape key.

To synchronize this page with your Internet Explorer favorites, click the sync button.

About boxes

Each box on this page represents a folder in your Internet Explorer favorites and contains the same sub-folders as that folder.

To open a box or a sub-folder, hold the mouse pointer over the title. Move the mouse pointer outside a box to close it.

Boxes do not close if you hold the mouse pointer over the help page, or near the top, right or bottom edges when the scrollbar is enabled.

About editing

You use drag-and-drop to move or delete favorites or rearrange boxes.

Here is an example:   To delete a favorite on this page, move the mouse pointer over the favorite and click the left mouse button. Move the mouse while holding left mouse button down. The Recycle Box will appear. Move the mouse pointer over it and let go of the mouse button. The favorite is now marked for deletion. The undo button will appear. You can click it to move the favorite back to its original position. Favorites in the Recycle Box will be deleted from both this page and your Internet Explorer favorites when you save changes.

After making changes to this page, click the sync button and save the changes.

About renaming

To rename favorites or folders, reorganize the folder structure or create new folders, you can use the tools available in Internet Explorer.

You can press Ctrl+I to display your favorites on the left hand side of this browser window, or you can use the Organize Favorites feature on the Favorites menu.

After making changes to your Internet Explorer favorites, click the sync button and rebuild this page.



Set start page


Please note that settings are not in the undo-redo sequence.

Lines4Number of lines in closed boxes.
Columns4Max number of boxes on a row.
Font size80%Either a percentage or an absolute size (e.g. 9pt).
New windowOpen each link in a new browser window. You can also press the Shift key while clicking.
Leave boxLeave the current box open after you click a link.
Auto scrollScroll when the mouse pointer is near the top or bottom of the page.
Show buttonsShow the help and sync buttons in the top right corner. You can press Escape to show the help page when the buttons are hidden.
Show searchShow the search box and the search buttons.
Show icons hide and stay will make icons visible when a box is opened, but hide will hide icons when it closes.
Force iconsMore non-cached icons will be downloaded, but you will probably experience browser warnings and other annoyances.
Sort boxes Sort boxes when importing or saving. size means by max height when opened and title means alphabetically. Will be set to off if you start to arrange boxes manually.
Graphics cacheIcons and skin images will be stored in a folder on your hard disk. Click here to empty the cache. Answer Yes if you click the browse button and get a warning.
Hide bad iconsHides icons which could not be cached. Will be unchecked if you start to hide or unhide icons manually by Ctrl-clicking on links. Click here to unhide all icons.
Use Unicode Unicode uses two bytes per character and covers practically every language in the world. auto means using Unicode only when necessary. Selecting never may cause some characters to be replaced with a square ().


Click to select a skin, and adjust font size here:


Please read this privacy notice:   When you download and use one of the online skins, that information is logged by the web server and used to calculate that skin's popularity. No personal information about you is transmitted.

Search buttons

The search buttons are customizable and let you search directly in most search engines and databases. Each row in the table below corresponds to one button. For more information and a list of useful search engines, click here.


This program may be used, distributed and/or modified under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


This page is best viewed with Opera 7 or Internet Explorer 5.5 (see the FAQ).

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